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Stereolith – Stereolith

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1. Still Strong
2.January Mary
3.Reason To Live
4.Be Alone
5. Borderline
6. Weightless
7. Falling To Pieces
8. No Hope
9. Changing Lanes
10.Save Me
11.Be Alone (video track )

Oscar (vocals, guitar)
Anders (guitar)
Sebastian (bass)
Pier (drums)

Produced by: Peter Soderstrom
Engineered by: Name
Mixed by : Stefan Glaumann
Mastered by: Dragan Tanaskovic

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The music pulls from the depths of what truly makes modern rock roll, a fiery melding of the essence of edge and hooks. Stereolith crafts high energy rock and delivers a unique take on today’s active rock. Based and built around the sheer brilliance of singer/songwriter Oscar – with a true talent and real life presence in his impressive voice, connecting feel, passion, angst and strength. The line-up is completed by Ànders on guitar, Sebastian on bass and Pier on drums. Stereolith has during the last year focused on writing and recording what is to become the bands debut album, together with up and coming producer Peter Söderstrom have the band created and built a sonic and dynamic palette – and the first set of completed songs was just recently mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Backyard Babies, Rammstein, Prime Sth. and others). 2005 saw the release of the debut four-track EP “Be Alone” and numerous live gigs, one of those was as opening act for 3 Doors Down at the famous Globe Arena in Stockholm. At the turn of the year the bands self-titled full length album will see the light of day, a perfect way to start what will be an interesting and busy year for Stereolith.

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