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Stonefuze – Stonefuze

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Kent Franklin (vocals, guitar, harmonica)
Samuel Gustafsson (bass)
Mattias Holm (guitar)
Mick Nordström (drums, backing vocals)


Produced by: tbd

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : tbd

Mastered by: tbd

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STONEFUZE debut album is pure hard rock with 100% energy and passion. This album is right in your face and STONEFUZE are heavily influenced by bands like MUSTASCH, BLACK SABBATH, TED NUGENT and MOTÖRHEAD. This is the perfect album to be played on high volume. It is a wonderful album with groove and fire and you’ll find members from CORNERSTONE, FLAGSHIP & MODEST ATTRACTION. This Stonefuze album is a hardrock treasure these days.
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