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Sun Caged – Artemisia

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Paul Adrian Villarreal (vocals, guitar)
Marcel Coenen (guitar, backing vocals)
Roel Vink (bass)
Rene Kroon (keyboards, backing vocal)
Roel Van Helden (drums)




Produced by: Marcel, Hans, Rene and Paul 


Engineered by: tbd 


Mixed by : Marcel, Hans and Rene 


Mastered by: Marcel & Hans 

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Artemisia is a metaphorical place. In some ways it’s akin to Neverland, and in other ways, its opposite. People we’ve lost and dreams’ we’ve let go find themselves here. There’s sadness about the place, and yet a warm glow as we stroll among memories of what might’ve been. The music paints the landscape, and the lyricsserve as our guide as we tour this place. The classical metaphors and allegories are stripped of their pretence and rejoined with their humanistic origins. Pain and loss are recurring themes, as is the never-ending quest for the understanding, strength and humility that living in the real world demands. Back with a virtually new line-up, yet a musical nod to the past, Sun Caged return with Artemisia, their second album and four years after their self titled debut (LMC070). Since the debut the band have seen almost wholesale changes in personnel with only guitarist and band founder Marcel Coenen remaining from the debut. Yet the typical Sun Caged sound is still present, if anything even richer with even more different sounds and styles than heard on the debut. The new band members and Coenen have delved deep to deliver an album that acts on creative impulses, without limiting themselves to the standard bag of tricks often heard in the progressive genre. Artemisia delivers an album full of unstoppable vocal melody, virtuoso guitar work, odd time signatures and complex chord sequences all topped off with an ultra powerful production.

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