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Supernova Plasmajets – Supernova Plasmajets

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Jennifer Crush (vocals)
Manni McFly (guitars)
Alexis Rose (drums)
Randy Stardust (guitars)
Cliff Bourbon (bass)

Produced by: Supernova Plasmajets
Engineered by: Hagen Grohe, Markus Mantei
Mixed by : Nils Lesser
Mastered by: Nils Lesser

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Let’s talk about a bang. An explosion that generates plasma. The SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS have hit earth, are extremely explosive, and are also clearly more electrified than ever. You can hear their thrill for playing in every note. Add that to their natural knack for hooks, favorite melodies, and creating a wall of sound. That’s the way it’s supposed to be – the energy of the new generation! A slice of yesterday and a hint of tomorrow merged to get to the heart of things in the here and now! When the well-rehearsed Supernova team discovered plasma-siren, Jennifer Crush (vocals), nothing could stand in the way of their fusion. Elements that belonged together came together. A new generation of hard rock was born – a contemporary take on 80s glam metal fused with heavy melodic rock, combined with a late 90s vibe, and then melded with the minimalistic electronic influences of the now. You only understood “plasma?” Then we did everything right! Authentic, handmade rock music. BAM! POW! This is how we like it: Fat guitar riffs from genuine guys in jeans jackets and charged female vocals that are just bursting to be heard. Now we’ve come full circle: Back to explosions. Some things just can’t be held back. Even when it hurts. After a year of work in the band’s own Kingfield Studios, the debut Album, The band beamed in support from the interstellar realm: Vocal recordings from Hagen Grohe (Joe Perry Project), mixing and mastering by Nils Lesser (Beyond The Black, Cypecore, UMC). The live show is also taking off – the band has already opened for Eskimo Callboy, J.B.O., Onkel Tom, Exilia, Sinner, Double Crush Syndrome, and many more.

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