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Taraxacum – Rainmaker


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Rick Mythiasin (vocals)

Tobias Exxel (guitar)

Danny Klupp (guitar)

Ferdy Doernberg (keyboards, guitar)
Shaker Elmosa (bass)
Franky Wolf (drums)


Produced by: Taraxacum

Engineered by: Norman Meiritz

Mixed by : Sascha Paeth

Mastered by: Sascha Paeth

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After "Spirit Of Freedom" the guys are finishing the new album "Rainmaker". The band completed their line-up and hired a second guitar player Danny Klupp (ex-HAGGARD) and a bass player Shaker Elmosa. Tobias Exxel (EDGUY, Rick Mythiasin (who left STEEL PROPHET), Ferdy Doernberg (ROUGH SILK, AXEL RUDI PELL) recorded great new songs which have been mixed by Sascha Paeth (RHAPSODY, ANGRA, etc.). "Rainmaker" features a bonus track which is a spanish version of "If I Had Known" ("Lo Que Falto") as Rick’s parents have spanish roots.

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