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Taraxacum – Spirit Of Freedom

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1. Spirit Of Freedom
2. Blast Off
3. Alone
4. Circle Of Fools
5. Delirium
6. Life Goes On
7. Never Let You Go
8. Believe In You
9. Think

Rick Mythiasin (vocals)
Tobias Exxel (guitar, bass)
Ferdy Doernberg (keyboards, guitar)
Franky Wolf (drums)
Felix Bohnke (drums)
Produced by : Taraxacum
Engineered by : Kostja Rohe, T. Exxel and F. Doernberg
Mixed by : Kai Hansen and Dirk Schlachter
Mastered by : Ralf Lindner

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Should you read all the demo columns and underground specials in the European Metal magazines, you might have noticed that EDGUY basser TOBIAS EXXEL founded a new band, together with ex-SQUEELER drummer FRANK WOLF. TARAXACUM (latin for dandelion) also calls singer RICK MYTHIASIN (STEEL PROPHET), keyboarder FERDY DOERNBERG (ROUGH SILK), and EDGUY percussionist FELIX BOHNKE among its members. After the first press raves, following their self produced 4 track demo “Spirit of Freedom”, published in the summer of 2000, the band signed with MTM MUSIC’s sub label MTM METAL. Their debut album “Spirit of Freedom” was recorded, produced and mixed by GAMMA RAY mastermind KAI HANSEN and DIRK SCHLÄCHTER. Still, don’t expect to hear either a minor version of GAMMA RAY or a mixture of EDGUY and STEEL PROPHET. TOBIAS EXXEL and FRANK WOLF founded this band to prove their musical versatility from a completey different and brand new angle. TARAXACUM is something new and is best to be described with Melodic Power Metal. Their songs are many layered, of strong character, they are fresh, emotional and agressive. Ricks vocals are to be counted on: his voice is an excellent addition to the music, and he drives full gear!

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