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Tempesta – Fulltime Joker

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1. Fulltime Joker
2. Stagedive
3. Ain’t Gonna Tell Ya
4. Pain
5. Grow
6. I’m Back
7. Do You Understand
8. The Chosen One
9. Seeing Ain’t Believing
10. Bluesman

Thalmann Reto (vocals, guitar)
Fuchs Pascal (guitar)

Ghilardi Nano (bass)
Bruhwiler Armin (drums)

Produced by: Mark Sweeney, Michael Bormann 
Engineered by: Michael Bormann
Mixed by : Michael Bormann, Michael Sweeney 
Mastered by: Christoph Stickel

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There’s a huge block of 90’s METALLICA running through TEMPESTA’s second long player “Fulltime Joker – Fill The Voids”. It’s not difficult to hear the influence although to be fair to the Swiss band it’s a bit more polished, more melodic and catchy and that’s down in no small part to the excellent Hetfield like vocals of Reto Thalmann. His voice shines throughout this record and marks the band out for some attention. However Hetfield has never sung this well and is never likely to. Opening with the sheer Metal riffing of the title track and the swelling chorus of “Stagedive” TEMPESTA is on fire. Things only get back with the infectious OFFSPRING Pop/Rock of “Ain’t Gonna Tell Ya” followed by another massive slice of quality, surging Melodic Hard Rock in “Pain”. The contagious “Grow” should be on heavy MTV rotation. A kind of BON JOVI meets THIN LIZZY killer classic Rock workout. There’s also that country twang that infects METALLICA from time to time and with Switzerland being as far removed from the Wild West as you could think the likes of “Do You Understand” and “Bluesman” would work like a broken stirrup but there amongst the album’s top tracks. The music is uncluttered. It’s a simple premise of guitars, vocals, drum and bass done with a straightforward enthusiasm. It might lack a touch of originality but with Thalmann at the helm TEMPESTA have unearthed a real gem of a singer who is surely destined for greater glories.

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