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Toseland – Renegade

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James Toseland (vocals, keyboards)
Zurab Melua (guitar)
Rabea Massaad (keyboards)
Dave Hollingsworth (bass)
Jim Watson (keyboards)
Ben Menal (drums)

Produced by: Toby Jepson

Engineered by: Stephen Harris, Toby Jepson

Mixed by : Stephen Harris

Mastered by: Simon Francis

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This crunchy, ballsy debut album from Toseland kicks off in blistering fashion with ‘Life Is Beautiful’, a guaranteed wake-up call. Fronted by James Toseland, former two times world Superbike champion, and produced by Little Angels’ Toby Jepson, it’s a great set from the start, and with a heavy slice of classic sleaze in there too. The production is big without being too overblown – the energy comes through. It’s easy to see why the band have already built up a serious live reputation. Powerful, slightly modern hard rock with a sleazy vibe and a great production is the winning formula for Toseland’s debut “Renegade” and the title track is worth the money alone – what a killer riff from guitarist Zurab Melua!

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