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Toxsin – Illusion

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1. Illusion
2. Hoffnung
3. Gedankenspiel
4. Ewig
5. Stadt Der Engel
6. Der Berg
7. Hollenqual
8. Probiers Noch Mal
9. Zeit
10. Mitten Ins Herz
11. Ich Will

Ronald Homburg (vocals)
Klaus Lang (guitar, vocals)
Wolfram Denzer (drums)
Robert Lipp (bass)
Olli Schroder (keyboards, vocals)

Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Thomas Burlefinger
Mixed by: Thomas Burlefinger
Mastered by: tbd

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NOTE: This album is recorded with German lyrics.


It started with a small add, as it so often does: ‘drummer, 20 years of experience in hitting hard, new in town, looks for a hard hitting band’. Of course a guitar guy answered and wanted to start something new with the main aim to hit hard. He brought the bassman and the singer with him, and each and every one of them looked back on twenty years of experience in Heavy Metal under their strained belts and had lots of connections in the local scene of Munich, Germany. That was in February 1999, and the rest went on fast forward: songs nearly wrote themselves, a friendly studio for demo recording was found, where they produced some killer sounds, a keyborder and a second guitarist fattened things up. The first gig in Munichs prime Rock Club “Backstage” went down REALLY well. At the same time the music made it all over the internet like a wildfire (#9 on MP3.com’s Alternative Metal Charts is pretty nice for a band with no name). So Toxsin is out to stun the world and themselves with crunching Metalgrungecore or whatever you want to call it. Bang your head to this!

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