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VII Gates – In Hoc Signo Vinces

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JJ Rockford (guitar, keyboards)
Mick van Slowfoot (drums)
Criss Blackburn (vocals)
Robert Makek (guitars)
Nicola Posa (bass)




Produced by: Torkel Bäck 


Engineered by: tbd 


Mixed by : Torkel Bäck 


Mastered by: Lars Eric Mattsson 

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VII Gates are a classic metal outfit hailing from Sweden who add a new dimension to the genre with the infusion of modern day power metal elements creating a nice blend between the two eras of metal. Their debut album “Fire, Walk With Me” (2004, Sound Riot Records) received strong critical acclaim with writers praising the bands mix of classic metal values with modern day inflections. Their new album and debut release on Lion Music, “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (“in this you will conquer”) sees the band pushing this element further yet all the while keeping a consistent flow to the music and bands trademark sound. Based around the guitar work and song writing prowess of JJ Rockford leaves a rich musical backdrop for the crisp vocals of Criss Blackburn to deliver many moods. Underpinned by the dynamic rhythm section of drummer Mick Van Slowfoot, new bassist Nicola Posa and second guitarist Robert Makek; VII Gates
deliver metal that will appeal to fans of classic metal and the modern day power metal movement.

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