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Viron – The Complete Worxx

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Alexx Stahl (vocals)
Thilo Feucht (guitar)
Ingmar Holzhauer (bass)
Martin Köhler (keyboard)
Andreas "Neudi" Neuderth (drums)
Roger Dequis (guitar)

Produced by: tbd

Engineered by: Kristian Kohlmannslehner, Kai Strahlenberg

Mixed by : Kristian Kohlmannslehner

Remastered by: Andreas Neuderth

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Out of the ashes of the band SEDUCTION this band was formed in 2002 by drummer “Neudi” (formerly CENTURY) and the young singer Alexx Stahl. Their goal was to do a German US Metal band with international standard. Together with their bandmates Thilo Feucht (guitar) and Ingmar Holzhauser they recorded an EP, which later was extended to the debut album "NWOGHM", which stands for New Wave Of German Heavy Metal. The album received great reviews worldwide and the band was on fire! In 2006 the album "Ferrum Gravis" saw the light of day, a great underground Heavy Metal masterpiece. At the same time Alexx Stahl, “Neudi” and the new guitarist Roger Dequis formed the tribute band ROXXCALIBUR, which shortly became more popular than VIRON. Later they took part in a SAVAGE GRACE reunion and Alexx formed the band MASTERS OF DISGUISE while “Neudi” became the permanent drummer of the US Epic Metal Legends MANILLA ROAD. Now, in 2016, VIRON is a so called cult band in the underground. Since both records are out of print since years it is time to give them a second chance!!!

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