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Wickman Road – After The Rain

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Eric Ahlqvist (vocals)
Henrik Åkesson (guitar)
Robert Åkesson (bass)
Carl Ahlqvist (keyboards)
Simon Rydén (drums)

Produced by: Ala Af Trampe
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Ola Af Trampe
Mastered by: Ola Af Trampe

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Wickman Road is a young Swedish Melodic Rock Band with origins from the small town Rydaholm.
Henrik, Carl and Robert had been playing music together for years, but it was not until Eric joined up as a singer in 2011 that they grew an ambition to start a band for real. The two pair of brothers wrote several songs during the early stage and struggled to realize their ambition. The missing piece was added when Simon joined the band in 2014 and Wickman Road was officially born. With Simon as the drummer, the band was provided with the spark needed to start their journey towards the debut album. Inspired by the AOR genre they started to write music in the true spirit of Melodic Rock, with their own touch of modern sound. In the fall of 2015, eleven songs were recorded with the helpful hand of Producer Ola af Trampe at Studio 165. The recordings were done with great enthusiasm and resulted in Wickman Road’s first album “After the Rain”. For Wickman Road this album really is about getting past the struggles of doubt and finding your own way. With lyrics inspired by the band members’ own journey, Wickman Road is here to make their mark in the world of music. The album was mixed and mastered by Ola af Trampe at Studio 165, Växjö, Sweden.

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