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Winter Parade – Midnight In Paradise

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Bjorn Westum (vocals)
Dice Jacobsen (guitar)
Mr. Howe (keyboards)
Terry Follin (drums)
P.B. Riise (bass)

Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Dice Jacobsen
Mixed by : Dice Jacobsen
Mastered by: Dice Jacobsen

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WINTER PARADE started out in 1986. Dice, P.B, Terry and Mr.Howe were recruited from three other local bands to form PINOCCIO. The band started to gig the area before winning a competition and being awarded studio time in the same studio that TNT, STAGE DOLLS and TINDRUM used for demo recordings. The four-track demo lead nowhere as the band split up due to jobs and studies. The band members did however keep in touch and gave it another try at the beginning of the 1990s, only to understand that the market for this brand of music had disappeared. In 1999 P.B took the initiative to contact his former band mates, as he had got wind of Dice and Terry having relocated to their hometown of Tynset. They met and immediately started to exchange musical ideas, where the end result was three tracks that needed a first class singer. As luck would have it, Bjorn showed on the TV one night, doing a powerful rendition of Wanted Dead Or Alive on the national TV-show, Starsearch. The success of the songs, however, encouraged the band to give it another try and the whole of 2000 was spent rehearsing and gigging. All the while, the band finished writing and recording their own album. The band decided to keep away from the ‘regular’ labels, and focused instead on the labels that specialised in our form of music. WINTER PARADE received several offers, and decided to go with MTM.

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