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Winterkill – Taming The Wolves

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1. High On Life
2. New Attitude
3. Break You
4. Walk Away
5. Virus
6. Feast For A Beggar
7. Resurrected
8. Eternity
9. Hellraiser
10. Carnevil
11. Tokyo’s Burning
12. The Awakening

Randy Barron (vocals) 
Jeffery West (Guitar) 
Brent Sullivan (bass) 
Chuck White (drums)

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In the heartland of the United States, off the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, the music scene was rocked in 1995 with the birth of one of the area’s heaviest bands; WINTERKILL. The band released it’s first CD “Feast For A Beggar” late in 1995. Filled with the raw hard rocking sounds that influenced members of the band; Feast became the band’s trademark effort in making and maintaining its place in the underground metal scene, not only in the Midwestern United States, but also throughout the world. “Freedom” was released in 1998. Adopting a different approach, the band told its story; not only through their aggression, but also through a display of their musical diversity in creating an intensity that could be felt by all those who listened. “Freedom” helped earned the band the honor of being “Beat Magazine’s” band of the year in 1997 and 1998. WINTERKILL has performed with countless international acts including SAXON, UDO, VIXEN, SLAUGHTER, ICED EARTH, JAG PANZER, OVERKILL, BLUE OYSTER CULT, WARRANT and LIZZIE BORDEN. Recently the band opened up PROG POWER 2001, an international heavy metal festival, and, after blowing everyone out of their seats, sold more CD’s than any other participants. “Taming The Wolves” is the their first European release. “Taming the Wolves” explores another dimension of the band; reflecting their unlimited potential to reach beyond what is expected; and to create yet more diversity in their approach to their trade.

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