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Winterlong – Metal/Technology

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Thorbjorn Englund (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards)Stella Tormaanoff (vocals)Leif Eriksson (drums) 




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Winterlong are back but with a new dynamic difference. After 3 albums in the neo- classical/power metal vein band leader Thörbjorn Englund felt it was time for a change. Metal/Technology marks this change with a fresh new sound – more modern in approach but with the stunning guitar work Englund is famous for. Metal/Technology also sees Thorbjorn handling all duties himself including vocals. On the reason for change Thörbjorn comments, ‘My aim was to make something different from what I’d normally do. I was just feeling that the regular stuff didn’t do it anymore, you know, like I needed to create something fresh. I’ve always liked the more aggressive side of metal, and the more heavy riffing, so it was natural to go in that direction. I hope my fans will like it. I am very proud of this album as I feel I’ve achieved something interesting, not only for guitar players’.

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