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Wonderworld – II

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Tom Fossheim (drums)
Ken Ingwersen (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)
Uwe Mundschau (keyboards)
Roberto Tiranti (vocals, bass)

Produced by: Ken Ingwersen

Engineered by: Jack Loveband

Mixed by : Ken Ingwersen

Mastered by: Bjorn Engelmann

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In March 2013 Ken Hensley & Live Fire recorded an a bum n Alicante, Spain. Ken Ingweren and Tom Fossheim had been playing with Hensley for years at that point, but this was the first time they met Roberto Tiranti. Within a few hours the guys hit it off musically and personally on a high level. The Power of the band felt huger and the process was very easy and fun. Ken suggested to them that they should forma band and so they did. Within a year, they had recorded their first album simply called "Wonderworld". the Band members were still a part of Henlsy’s Live Fire so they spent a lot of their time together doing gigs with both Hensley and on their own. This is their second album.
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