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Wrathchild America – Climbin The Walls


Jay Abbene (guitar)
Brad Divens (bass,vocals)
Terry Carter (guitar, vocals)
Shannon Larkin (drums, vocals)

Produced by: Mark Dearnley, Wrathchild America 
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: tbd

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Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition / Fully Remastered Audio / East Coast Thrash Metal kings / Produced by Mark Dearnley (AC/DC, Krokus, Circus Of Power) / 16 page full colour booklet – 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, rare photos and new band interviews. BACK IN THE late 80s rock music appeared to be splitting into two fractions; melodic hard rock and thrash metal. Although these two camps were, in effect, polar opposite, fans of either were always appreciative of the aesthetics of both. At the heavier end of the spectrum bands such as Slayer, Megadeath and Metallica were enjoying a wave of popularity that had started to influence a number of younger acts, including Sepultura, Prong, Pantera and… Wrathchild America. Based on America’s east coast, the band, initially just called Wrathchild, developed a following and style that would eventually lead to a shot at the big time with major label powerhouse Atlantic Records. Recorded in Los Angeles, with seasoned engineer/producer Mark Dearnley (AC/DC, Krokus, Circus Of Power), ‘Climbin’ The Walls’ was set to become a cornerstone release in the world of thrash and power metal, but plans were delayed by the intervention of a British glam metal band using the same name. Issued with a cease and desist order the US band, at the eleventh hour, adopted the amended moniker of Wrathchild America. This necessary last minute name change added an element of confusion to the album launch. Very much in tune with the times, heavy, raw and packed with explosive firepower, the nine tracks fitted the genre perfectly, combining thrash, speed and progressive metal in one glorious bundle. Look out for an inspired cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Time’, a surprising take on a classic track, with a mouth-watering twist.

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