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Xcarnation – Grounded

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Cenk Eroglu (vocals, all instruments)

Pat Mastelotto (drums)

Kip Winger (vocals, bass)

Ebru Eroglu (bass)
Erdem Solmen (guitar)
Cem Keskin (guitar)


Produced by: Cenk Eroglu

Engineered by: Cenk Eroglu

Mixed by : Cenk Eroglu

Mastered by: Cory De Broke

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Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1967, as the son of an accomplished conductor, arranger and jazz pianist, Cenk Eroglu became involved with music at a very early age. During his teenage years, he spent most of his time writing, playing and recording music, which initiated his musical career. Cenk released his first solo album in the year 1991. From then on, he produced many albums in Turkey and became renowned as a composer, guitarist, arranger and producer. After his second solo album was released in the year 1996, he began to work on a new project which was aimed at an integration of heavy rock and electronic sounds into a synthesis of Eastern and Western music. The materialization of this new sound covered a long period of time during which he met first Pat Mastellotto (Mr. Mister and King Crimson) and then Kip Winger (Winger) – two musicians who had greatly inspired him previously in his music life. In 2001, he participated in the making of the album BPMM together with Pat Mastelotto, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin and Trey Gunn. By the time Cenk met Kip in 2002, he had finalized his new sound which he named Xcarnation. Inspired by the fruits of his work, Pat Mastellotto, Kip Winger, Rod Morgenstein (Winger / Dixie Dregs / Steve Morse) and Reb Beach (Winger / Dokken / Whitesnake) and many ethnic instrument players in Turkey made their artistic contributions to the songs in the album. As an outcome of Cenk’s long musical journey, Xcarnation, all songs written, sung, arranged and engineered by Cenk Eroglu, is ready to meet the world market on September 19th 2005.
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