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Xoch – The One

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Xoch (vocals)
Vince Ripper (guitar)
Todd Mihan (guitar, bass)
Jerry Terwillger (drums)


Produced by: Eddie Kramer

Engineered by: Ron Kuhnke

Mixed by : Vince Ripper, Ron Kuhnke

Mastered by: Jonathan Dickau


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Forget the likes of Avril Lavigne, Xoch’s music is much better and as Xoch herself explains "My music crosses the line between rock and pop". Songs like ‘The One’ prove this, it is a very catchy song. Xoch’s vocals are superb and will soon be featured on our unsigned bands contest. ‘You’ continues this style, again a very strong catchy song, reminding me of Amanda Marshall and Avril Lavigne. I loved the guitar solo, and once again Xoch’s vocals are superb. ‘My Desire’ is up next and if this song doesn’t find itself in the upper reaches of the US charts then I really will begin to wonder how Americas music industry is handled, this song is very catchy almost reminding me of Belinda Carlisle and Christi Baeuerle. Superb. ‘The Cold’ is again catchy pop/rock. Another surprise was the seductive pop ballad ‘Let Me In’, a brilliant song reminding me of Liz Larin, whilst ‘Look Into The Storm’ is more gentle soothing and sweet, built around acoustic guitars. The lyrics on this song are also very good and this is another song that could get lots of radio airplay for Xoch. Xoch rocks things up a notch for ‘Invisible Force’ a song that has a more modern feel than the others but does not let the standard drop and is again a brilliant song showing hints of No Doubt and is very catchy. ‘Rage & Confusion’ I found a little disappointment and is one of those songs that will find itself at home in the world of trendy night-clubs, but then we hear another fantastic song called ‘Letter’. This track is so damn catchy, amazing vocals and chorus on this song, another song that should slide it’s way up the US charts. ‘How Many Times?’ is another cool song, again this one is a bit like Avril Lavigne, could almost be a Bon Jovi song to with it’s strong guitar work that resembles the guitar work in Bon Jovi’s ‘Always’ song. ‘Faith’ reminds me of No Doubt and Garbage, whilst the last song ‘The Fool’s Dream’ was a real surprise, a sensuous song that totally captivated me. This song is beautiful and is built around violins and acoustic flamenco guitars and is just so enthralling, the lyrics are also very strong on this song, a possible top ten single here. Also just when you think the album is over right at the end there is also a short weird experimental hidden track at the end of the album What amazes me is how strong these songs are, stardom is only around the corner.

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